5+ Items To Pack - Infusing Travel With Wellness, Luxury + Ease

Plan to pack these 5+ items on your next trip.  Once you have experienced the sense of wellness, luxury and ease that these items bring while traveling, you never leave home without them!

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Similar model

Similar model

If you use your Vitamix virtually every day the thought of traveling without it can be anxiety provoking!  Although it is possible to take it with you on road trips, it's weight and size make it unreasonable to take for most travel.   

A small personal blender is AMAZING for travel. 

The blender bottle has a blade cover and a sipping cover that are easily swapped out after blending in order to take your smoothie to the pool, on a hike or wherever your day takes you.  The base is only about the size of a grapefruit and doesn't add that much weight to your luggage.

You can bring protein powder or smoothie mix and add bananas, greens, local fruit...or any other add-in you desire!

This morning ritual made for an easy, effortless, unrushed healthy start to my day! (and a few afternoon snacks too!)  Pack a small collapsable cooler if you want to take your smoothie and other healthy snacks/beverages with you on the go.  Hotels always have ice so bring some small ziplock baggies.


Lately I have been obsessed with making a morning MACA LATTE. 

I have a great insulated aluminum travel mug that I pack along with my handheld frother.  

I also pack:

  • individual sized almond milks (I don't tolerate dairy and can't always count on alternatives being readily available at my destination)

  • small tin (s) full of Maca and Collagen

  • small container of instant espresso coffee

  • sugar or sweetner of choice if you desire

Setting up this mini coffee station in my hotel room feels luxurious and allows me to have EXACTLY the coffee I desire even when I'm not at home.

Not to be money obsessed (I'm not) but this also saved me about $14/day vs the coffee service at the resort I was staying at.  And my coffee was so much better!  



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I always travel with an insulated aluminum water bottle.  Be sure you get one that can accomodate both hot and cold liquids.  I just got a new one at my local yoga studio and I love it!  It has a handle on the lid which makes for easy carrying when it's not in my bag.  

You can take the bottle empty through security and then fill up on the other side to keep you hydrated during your flight.  

HINT:  add fresh organic lemon wedges to the bottom of your empty bottle before you leave for the airport - makes for delicious, refreshing  water on the plane!

Refill at every layover.  Most airports now have super convenient water filling stations.  

lemons for travel water bottle - embody daily luxury

Once you arrive at you destination,  pick up a couple organic lemons for your hotel room so that you can have lemon water throughout your trip.  You can pack a travel knife in your checked luggage or make due with a plastic knife.

My bottle is always full of tea or water.  I take it to the gym, yoga, the pool, the beach, in the rental car....literally EVERYWHERE!


4. TEA

Travel with an assortment of individually packaged tea bags!  Bring them on the plane (just ask for hot water) and to your destination. 

Tea can be such a luxurious ritual.  

Try these:

tea bags for travel - embody daily wellness and luxury
  • Mint and Ginger - soothing and energizing. Great for settling your stomach after meals or turbulent travel.

  • Chamomile or Calm Tea - soothing and relaxing. Helps with sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings or calming the chaos that can be expected with travel. Wonderful while soaking in the bath.

  • Earl Gray - elegant, delicious and a beautiful afternoon ritual

  • Smooth Move - a life-saver for those who's digestive systems get totally off track during travel. which can be so uncomfortable (drink a cup at night before bed.)


Always pack a travel tin candle (and matches).  Candles are great for changing the aroma, essence and energy of a room.  Soothing for bedtime and luxurious for a bath.  Also super handy if multiple people are sharing one bathroom (if you know what I mean.  For this purpose we also love Poopouri!)


travel candle black tin - embody daily luxury, wellness + ease


Favorites To Try:

  • Citrus Blend = fresh and uplifting

  • Lavender = calming + relaxing

  • Eucalyptus = refreshing + energizing

Just be sure to fully extinguish when you leave your hotel room.


Fitting easily into your carry-on and just the right size, these can prove magical and medicinal for any trip no matter the length. From baths to bug bites and easing travel anxiety.


Travel can be both taxing and exciting! Boost both your energy and immunity while also keeping your gut healthy + digestion working effortlessly.

  • Antioxidants + Minerals - Boost Energy + Immunity, protects against oxidative stress

  • Probiotics - Maintain Healthy Gut Balance, support healthy digestion and immune function - *Convenient stick packets that don’t require a fridge are the bomb!

  • Digestive Enzymes - Alleviate Bloating - support the breakdown of dietary carbohydrates, fats, protein, lactose, and cellulose

  • Melatonin - Pure Rest promoting the body’s natural sleep and wake cycles

Be sure you seek the highest quality supplements. This industry is not highly regulated, I choose these (and became a partner) as they are top rated, pharmaceutical grade and used by elite and olympic athletes (well known + highly trusted). Do your research.