Daily Rituals Of Making Your Bed, Meditation + Journaling Can Be Game Changers For Your Soul. 

Declutter your bedroom, keep only things that bring you joy.  Choose beautiful earthy, soothing colors.  Make your bed lovingly and with intention every morning.

Meditate in the morning.  If you are new to meditation, try one of our favorite apps: The Calm App for easy, pleasurable, daily guided meditations. 


Journal and Plan Your Day.  Journaling for just 5 minutes each morning after meditation can have a profoundly positive impact on your day.  Choose a beautiful journal + pen. Rituals that feel luxurious are much easier to do regularly.  We also LOVE the Desire Map Planner and The Passion Planner A soulful way to plan your day.  Once you focus on how you want to FEEL, the to-do's for the day fall gracefully into place.