Magic surrounds all of us, you just have to be sensitive enough to feel it...
— MC Yogi

This weekend I attended the Sun Valley Wellness Festival.  It's amazing what a weekend immersed in wellness can do for your soul.  I wanted to share some words of wisdom from MC Yogi.

First let me tell you how enamored I am with creatives.  People who follow their passion (often despite immense adversity) to share their beautiful art with the world.  MC Yogi is most certainly one of these creatives.  Kicked out of every school he ever went to, challenged by addiction, finding yoga and making it his own.


  • Life is your university, pick up the gems and jewels along the way.
  • Meditate daily for 10 min to be clear, open and spacious for the day.  Meditation is like sailing, when you alter your course just a little bit, you change the entire trajectory of your journey.

    Beginning your day with meditation will change the trajectory of your day and thus your life.  Use this time to reset, recalibrate and set the tone.
  • We are all the same underneath the armor.  Made of bones with beating hearts, all breathing the same air.
  • In life, those who are educated often let the laws of "concepts" hold them back and box them in.
  • Just feel the force, don't try to make sense of it.
  • Find stillness in the movement
  • There is such power in silence, make your words count (a lesson from his rescue dog Mo who he lost in body but never in soul)
  • Only love is real and it feels like TRUTH
  • The only legacy to leave is one of love + kindness
  • Don't step in other people's shit (another lesson learned from dogs)