I can't work when my desk is a mess.  

I feel flustered, cluttered and unable to focus.  I used to think that what I needed most for productivity was a tidy space.   If everything was in it's place, I could get down to business!  

Here's the overzealousness with having things tidy led to a sense of sterility. A blank slate with everything organized and out of site.  Sure there was nothing to distract me, but there was also nothing to INSPIRE me!  

I have come to realize that I am happiest and most effective not just in a tidy space but in a beautiful space.

 I now seek not just to clean up and organize but to create and recreate beauty throughout my space.  I literally have a joyful visceral reaction to a spotless kitchen with a gorgeous glass bowl filled with oranges.  Here I have paired them with one of my husbands paintings for gorgeous pop of color.


Bringing simple elegance and beauty to my prosperity corner. This basil plant made the perfect addition to my prosperity corner.  It seems to have worked because it now sits in a sunny window in my new home!

Prosperity Corner

I'm going to write a whole post on how beautiful food can be.  The presentation of this cocktail on an evening out with my team, made my whole night!

I often travel with flowers and candles to add a sense of luxury to my hotel rooms. My flowers don't just travel the distance, sometimes they travel just down the hall into my bathroom while I take a bath.  

Speaking of baths, I have added a tea service to my bathroom.  An elegant electric tea pot with a selection of soothing teas for bath time.  Seriously, one of the best things I have ever done!

I've found that creating beauty in my space doesn't take a ton of time, it only takes intention.   In fact once you begin the practice, it's rather addictive!   

I encourage you to find the beauty beyond tidy. 

Check out my friend Kate's Feng Shui Course if you too want to learn more about creating both beauty and prosperity in your home.