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A well lived life of simple elegance means feeling vibrant and energetic as you flow through your day. 

Waking up excited to see what gifts the sunrise brings you. 

Nurturing your body and soul on a daily basis.  A pampering skin care ritual that makes you glow.  High level nutrition for a strong and beautiful body.  

The means, both time and money to indulge in deep radical self-care.  Perhaps that annual retreat in Bali?



Abundance is a state of mind.  What does Luxury mean to you?

Maybe it means the luxury to buy 100% organic food.  Perhaps the luxury to spend more time with your family?  Maybe for you Luxury means a weekly massage and daily yoga? 

Do you feel like these desires are just out of your reach?  

You may be someone who feels like luxury is to be seen, not yours to embody.  

Intuitively you long for it but your logical mind may tell you it's just not your reality.


Beauty comes from within and radiates out.  Fortunately for us we get to adorn this natural beauty with all our our favorite things!  Do you like Diamonds or Pearls?  Lipstick or Lipgloss?  Gold or Silver?   Scarves or Belts?  Boots or Heels?

Beauty doesn't just radiate from us, it surrounds us, sometimes you just have to look a little closer.   

  1. Find & Create Beauty in Everything You Do
  2. Fall in Love with Yourself
  3. Honor Your Truth, Don't Settle for Someone Else's

Does your personal style represent how you want to show up in the world?  Are you in love with the clothes in your closet?   

Does your home feel like a sanctuary?  Is it peaceful and clutter free?  Do you buy yourself beautiful fresh flowers?  


People generally either adopt or rebel against the money mindset of their family of origin.  Your money mindset is not something you were born with, it is something you were born into, and you can change it!

It's time to curate the LIFESTYLE of YOUR dreams.  Did you know that the fastest way to build true wealth and abundance is to create multiple streams of passive income?  

A girl should be two things, who and what she wants

the beauty of Simple Elegance